My name is Ksenia Khmelnitskaya and I’m the founder of Philosophia de Natura.
Ksenia Khmelnitskaya
Our company has been active for 5 years now, and I would like to tell you a little about how it started and about the principles that we follow when producing our goods.
I spent most of my childhood in the countryside. My father was a bee-keeper, and for as long as I can remember, our whole family was involved in the process of bee-farming. The kids would wax bee frames or extract the honey. The parents would take care of the bees breeding them and transferring them to honey sites. Thanks to my family, I learned a lot about the quality of honey and its various sorts when I was very young.
Besides keeping bees, our family also ran a large vegetable garden. We would preserve fruit, berries and vegetables. I will never forget the taste and fragrance of home-grown food.
Later, after moving to a big city, I was disappointed to learn how difficult it was to find natural food there, natural food that would be rich in taste. All the products seemed too sweet, too sour or artificially flavored, some had no taste whatsoever. My disappointment became bigger after giving birth to a child. It was virtually impossible to feed my family natural, safe and nutritious food.
Thus, I decided to start my own company manufacturing high-quality natural food products for people who care about their health and prefer pure flavor of natural food.
The company Philosophia de Natura was founded in 2015 offering the consumer a wide selection of high-quality honey and fruit & berry desserts. The company founder’s high experience in bee-keeping ensures that only the best quality of honey is selected. The company’s main principles have always been preserving health benefits of natural ingredients, searching for new unusual flavor combinations and providing the consumers with both delicious and healthy products.
Having recently launched a new branch of marmalade, sauces and jams production, the company follows the same principles providing the customers with healthy and delicious products by using the natural ingredients only and emphasizing their initial flavors. The company is in constant search of unusual food combinations inspired by traditional cuisines of various countries, haute cuisine recipes and rare home recipes. Among our products one can find fruit & mustard sauces, fruit marmalades and desserts, selective honey and jams of various interesting flavors such as raspberry & lavender, passion fruit & chia seeds, etc. The company also pays great attention to perfecting the formulas in technological processes in order to preserve all the nutrients and health benefits of the ingredients used.
The company’s production line is based in Moscow and has top-modern equipment which ensures the best quality of our goods.
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